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Maui’s Top Snorkeling Spots: Ulua Beach

Ulua Beach is a 4 for 1 combo as it's beachwalk connects it with Ulua and Mokapu Beach to the North and Polo Beach to the South. These beaches are known to be family friendly since the water is typically calm and not too deep. Snorkeling is best in

Maui’s Top Snorkeling Spots: Honolua Bay

Meaning "two harbors," Hononlua Bay is one of the best snorkeling spots on Maui's west side. The area is part of a Marine Life Conservation District, so taking any of the natural resources is prohibited (coral, fish, rocks, etc.). Because of this,

Maui’s Top Snorkeling Spots: Black Rock

Black Rock is one of the most popular snorkeling spots on Maui, because of its ideal location in the Kaanapali resort area. Head over to the furthest end of Kaanapali Beach (Closest to the Sheraton) for some shade under the trees. Once in the water,

Maui’s Best Surf Spots: Lahaina Breakwall

Within the heart of Lahaina Town, just south of the harbor you can find this favorite surf spot. Breakwall offers small rights and lefts all year long. Because it's such a great place for beginners and novices, you can expect to find several of the


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